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Despite our best efforts to maintain our current prices, due to increases in every category of our business after 4 years it is necessary to implement a modest price increase. A comparison of local pet services in our area reflects that Sea Dog Inn still offers the most competitive rates and we believe we provide the best value for those rates.

At SEA DOG INN, we take great pride in our outstanding facilities for dogs and in the loving care our canine guests receive every day of the year.  To give your dog a sense of security from his next-door neighbor and to protect his health, each suite is separated from the next by a solid wall, inside and out.  In addition, each outside area is fully protected from the rain and the sun with a roof.  Please join us for a tour.

Air-conditioned & Heated Suites

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The above suites have 2 parts - an inside area and an outside area, which are separated by a dog door.  This type of arrangement is also known as an indoor/outdoor run.

Because concrete is the only really cleanable surface, our dog suites have all-concrete floors inside and out.  We provide clean comfortable bedding for all dogs.  Luxury beds are available for $2.00 or $5.00 per day.

This building is specially designed for smaller dogs who may be intimidated if placed with larger dogs.  Your pooch will feel more comfortable in the peace and quiet of this delightful unit.  Notice how the windows permit sunlight to add to the environment. Click to view larger 

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photo This building has indoor suites only.  It also provides a sunny, cheerful environment because of the many windows.

Non-Climate Controlled Indoor/Outdoor Suites

If you prefer that your dog be housed in a non-climate controlled environment, we offer these suites at a reduced rate.  All other services are the same.


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Daily Exercise Periods Each dog is taken outside 2 times daily while their suites are cleaned.  They are permitted to romp and play off leash in our secure fenced exercise areas, on an individual basis.  These 10-15 minute periods are important to allow the dog to burn off some energy and eliminate boredom.  For dogs that need just a little more stimulation, we offer additional playtimes for $5.00 per session.
Room Service Suites are cleaned twice daily.  We feed Iams premium products on the frequency your dog is accustomed to.  If you prefer, you can bring your dogs regular food.  Medications are administered free of charge.  Once-daily medications are given with the morning meal unless otherwise requested; other medications are given as directed.  Fresh water is available at all times.
Boarding Rates

New boarding rates effective Feb 1, 2018

Weight in lbs Climate Controlled Non-Climate Controlled
0 - 30 $23 $21
31 - 60 $25 $23
60+ $27 $25
Check-out Check-out time is 1:00pm. Pets picked up after 1:00pm will be charged 1/2 day boarding unless bathed or groomed.
New Deluxe Package
We are pleased to introduce our latest service due to requests by our canine clients.   Our DELUXE PACKAGE includes:
  • A Kuranda Bed that will delight your dog and provide bedding off the concrete floors.

  • An extra thick mat to snuggle in.

  • One playtime per day in addition to the two standard exercise periods.  Or our PM Potty Time can be substituted just before bedtime to ensure your dog is comfortable for the evening.


Immunizations We require proof of immunization for Rabies/DHLP and Parvo.  We also require proof within one year of a Bordatella/Parainfluenze vaccine to provide protection against "kennel cough" caused by airborne viruses.  The vaccines are highly effective but not 100%.  Please consult your veterinarian.
Flea & Tick Alert Local vets and authorities have advised us that our area will have serious flea/tick problems this year.  In order to protect all our customers and your pets, we check all pets for fleas during check-in.  If fleas/ticks are present, your pet will receive a flea bath on the day of arrival and the charge will be added to your bill.  If you do not already have your pet on a flea control product, we recommend you do so this year.

7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Monday thru Friday
8:00 am - 3:00 pm

310 Ellen Avenue

League City, Texas 77573


Voice (281) 554-2068

FAX (281) 332-5368

Closed Sunday but courtesy pick-up is available from 3:00 - 4:00 for an additional charge
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